The capitalist economy is crumbling, but "general" Brown wants to step up the war in Afghanistan

Workers' Fight workplace bulletin editorials
15 December 2008

During his surprise trip to Afghanistan, last week, Brown announced officially that more troops were to be sent to Afghanistan. Yet more troops, after 7 years of a bloody war which had no justification in the first place, and has proved a complete failure ever since! Brown followed Blair's policy of coat-tailing Washington in its attempt to bomb this part of the world into submission. But to no avail.

If after so many years of fighting, the anti-occupation forces are stronger than ever, despite the West's massive superiority in fire power, it is simply because no war can ever be won against the will of a whole population.

At a time when the planet's entire economy is threatened with collapse due to the irresponsibility of the profit sharks, there is even less reason for the working class of this country to tolerate this government's predatory military ventures in the poor countries. Not only do they cost lives, among the Afghan population as well as among young soldiers, but they cost a huge amount of funds that should be used where they are needed, to protect the populations against the capitalists and their crisis.

More than ever, it is the responsibility of the working class movement to bring this cynical war to an end, by getting all western troops out now!