An alliance based on greed and crime

Workers' Fight workplace bulletin editorials
17 July 2007

Since Blair's departure, there has been much speculation in the media about a possible change of policy over Iraq. Not that journalists had much to go on - no more than the odd statement by some Labour heavyweight expressing timid reservations on London's support for Washington.

But even this tame dissent was too much for Brown to bear. Last weekend, he got Foreign Secretary David Milliband to put the record straight, once and for all. Said Milliband on the BBC: "Our commitment to work with the American government in general, and the Bush administration in particular, is resolute".

Of course, this is playing on words. Who would object to British ministers engaging the US administration, including under Bush? Failing to do so would be merely infantile. But so far, this "commitment to work" has meant, mainly, sending British troops against the populations wherever US governments sent US troops, whether in Afghanistan or in Iraq. This is not a "commitment to work", it is a "commitment to follow" the US administration in its military adventures - a very different ball-game!

In the same BBC programme, however, Milliband gave the government's game away, when he said: "We want to be serious players who make a difference in the world - and you do that with the United States, not against them".

What "difference" (implying positive difference) does this government, as Washington's junior (rather than "serious") partner make for the victims of the occupation in Iraq? None, of course!

But since when are the likes of Milliband more concerned about the needs of the populations than the interests of their masters in the City?

Brown's minister for profit, Hutton, was boasting that this government would be "aggressively pro-business". Well, how would Labour be able to serve the interests of British capitalists unless its ministers are able to help them to get a few war or reconstruction contracts here, one or two markets there, an oil concession somewhere else, etc..?

It is for this purpose only, that for the past four years and four months, British soldiers have been used as pawns in Iraq by this government, against the Iraqi people. Brown is telling us that, as far as he is concerned, there will be no change. Our reply is: TROOPS OUT, NOW!