It’s time to get rid of all the blood-stained, hate-promoting, lying politicians!

Workers' Fight workplace bulletin editorials
15 November 2023

On Wednesday the Supreme Court upheld the Appeal Court ruling against the government's Rwanda deportation plan. It agreed that the murderous regime of that good friend of the Commonwealth, Paul Kagame cannot provide a safe place to send refugees.

    This won't damage former Home Secretary Suella Braverman, newly-sacked by PM Sunak after refusing to follow Cabinet rules: the government is already preparing a new treaty for Kagame to sign! 

    As for the ignorant, egotistical, far-right Braverman, she's undeterred.  Her written response to her sacking accuses PM Sunak of weakness for failing to implement "her" policies.

    Of course, Sunak is as right-wing as she is.  It's just that there are legal or even moral problems each time he tries to impose the agreed polices.

    So, for instance the march protesting the Israeli government's terror-bombing of the Gazan population was allowed to go ahead, even though Braverman called it a "hate march", "supporting Hamas" and told the Met Police Chief to ban it. He said he couldn't, as a ban went against the right to free speech and required the law to be changed. Sunak had to agree with both of them!

    As for the apparent hate expressed on the marches, it's become official policy, endorsed by Labour, to blur the difference between "anti-Zionism" - opposition to a Jewish-only state (the aspiration of the leaders of the newly-created Israel in 1948, who immediately tried to ethnically-cleanse Palestinians), and "anti-Semitism", i.e., racism against all Jewish people. So today, criticism of the Zionist Netanyahu's slaughter of Palestinian civilians in Gaza, which punishes them for the actions of the small Hamas army in their midst, is now labelled "anti-Semitic". Even saying that an Israeli state which denies equal rights to Palestinian-Israeli citizens and has created a bantustan in Gaza can be compared to apartheid South Africa, is now deemed to be "anti-Semitic" - and illegal!

Raising the political dead?

But what was/is PM Sunak's real problem with Braverman and what on earth is he doing bringing former PM David Cameron back from the dead?

    In fact it's nothing to do with Cameron's abilities or lack of them, and really all about the future of the Tory Party.  According to opinion polls, which are unlikely to change, given the state of public services and economic stagnation, the party cannot win the coming election. Many of today's MPs will lose their seats, especially those who took so-called Red Wall seats from Labour in 2019.

    Thanks to the hollowing out of the Tory Party "centre" by Johnson in 2019 — who expelled "liberal" and “Remainer" MPs, including grandees like Kenneth Clarke - the Tory Party morphed into what it is today: the most crude, right-wing Conservative Party ever.  Hence the hyped-up anti-working class and anti-union policies and restrictions promoted by far-rightists like Braverman, Patel, Truss, Barclay, Baker, Jenkyns etc - who've all had ministerial posts - and the adaptation by less extreme Tories to this faction of the party.

    But now, facing the coming seat losses, Sunak has no choice but to shift the Party back to its traditional roots - the established capitalist, upper-class home county "BIue WaII" electorate - of which Cameron is an excellent representative. He must lure back Tory voters who found the vulgar posturing of the Johnson- Truss "New Right" hard to swallow » and chose to vote for the Lib Dems instead. So this is all about cutting the Tory Party's future losses.

    What's more, Sunak had few options. Cleverly, the ex-soldier (he knows how to follow orders, unlike Cruella) now takes the Home Office poison chalice... And has the remit of trying to stop the unstoppable boats and reintroduce another version of the Rwanda policy! He's thrown to the wolves.

The real hate merchants have to go!

So what about Gaza? No matter how right-wing Sunak's government may be, when it comes to supporting Netanyahu's relentless "war on Hamas", it has Labour's full backing. That may say it all about Starmer, but it also means the vote on a cease-fire in the British parliament - meaningless in terms of an effect on this "war" of course - meant even more defections from Labour's frontbench, if not the party.

    This reasoning, by the way, that civilians must pay the price if they "allow" Hamas to hide amongst them, would have meant that British governments of the 1970s should have bombed the Falls Road and Derry's Bogside to flush out the terrorist IRA...

    But as Gaza becomes a wasteland in the name of this policy and the death toll rises, working classes all over the world will take note. Because it has surely exposed the utter barbarity of the savages who rule us, who hate our class, oppress and deny rights to the poorest of the poor in the dependent ex-"Third World", and who continue to devastate the earth and its people through war and exploitation purely for profit- and then lie through their teeth about it. They and their barbaric, capitalist, imperialist system has to go. It's a matter of humanity's survival.