The “classless” social peace of QE2’s reign should be buried with her!

9 September 2022

The suspension of strike action within minutes of the notice of the queen’s demise reveals exactly the true function of the British monarchy.  Bringing the “nation” together, unity of all!  Concealing the deep class divide between poor and rich, working class and exploiting class - that same class which refuses absolutely to pay workers a living wage today!

    The optical illusion created by a media-savvy “classless matriarchy”, er… sorry, “monarchy” - aided by incredible (and incredibly expensive!) show-business - is precisely what the British capitalist state has relied upon these past 70 years to help it keep social peace.

    And as we hear from the endless messages of condolence from politicians of every stripe, it makes no difference which party has sat in government.  They have all upheld - and continue to uphold - this gold and diamond-encrusted system, equally!  And to display their loyalty and obedience, every MP wore black when attending the House of Commons the day after the royal death.

The monarchy isn’t neutral

Of course, contrary to the wall-to-wall commentary about her, the queen was never a “neutral figure”, nor even “above it all”.  Silence over her own opinions was always the silence of consent.

    In truth this most bourgeois of queens – an extremely rich capitalist in her own right, who nevertheless got a “sovereign grant” of £102.4 million from “her people” – would have found little fault with any of the prime ministers who kissed (or shook) her hand.  Not even Boris Johnson and Liz Truss, the last 2 to do so.

    By saying nothing, Mrs Windsor was always saying “yes” to the perpetuation of the class system which British capitalism rests upon.  And moreover, to British imperialism and its domination over the so-called “Commonwealth” (“her great love”!); wealth which is sucked out of former dominions into British hands.  Nothing “common” about it! But this is precisely why it is so vital to the ruling class to keep the monarchy alive, even if this would be an excellent moment to get rid of it for good!

    So there was no pause.  “The queen is dead, long live the king”.  Charles 3rd shifted straight into her place.  And as he said in advance, he understands that he’ll now have to keep his dotty opinions to himself…  Silence means consent.

The throne must be overthrown!

Quite a few railway and postal workers were saddened on Thursday the 8th, not by the death of the queen as much as by the cancellation of their strike days!  Rail union members received immediate messages reading: the "RMT joins the whole nation in paying its respects to Queen Elizabeth.  The planned railway strike action on 15 and 17 September is suspended...” We express our deepest condolences...” 

    Precisely!  And well done!  The class struggle just got suspended in mid-air in favour of national (class!) unity, by the same union leader who just 2 months ago announced that the “working class” was “back”!  Actually, this shouldn’t have come as a surprise.  After all, union leaders are not “revolutionaries”!

    Instead of staying on strike and demonstrating to the other classes how they can do nothing without us, workers are expected to observe 10 days of mourning, culminating in the most expensive funeral procession the world has ever seen!  And all paid for by those “hard-working families” which politicians are so fond of mentioning. Families who today cannot afford to pay their bills, even after PM Truss intervened to limit energy costs to a maximum of...  £2,500!

    All that said, however, the working class WILL be back.  There’s no other choice but to continue fighting.  Ultimately though, the struggle has to go much further. The whole rotten, top-heavy, class system needs overthrowing.  Because enough is too much.