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Translated articles - April 2017
April 2017

Fellow workers,

A fierce social war is being waged by the capitalist minority against all of those who have nothing but their labor to make a living. The shareholders of the major industrial and financial groups, who crush the economy under their dictatorship, are condemning six million workers to unemployment, inactivity and misery. At the same time they are increasing the workload and freezing the wages of those who still have a job, and making their condition ever more precarious.

The exploiters are dislocating our neighborhoods and our villages, they are destroying our lives! What for? So that a bunch of rich parasites can continue to increase their fortunes in spite of the crisis – fortunes stolen from the working classes, fortunes accumulated by driving the workers into poverty. As a result of that daylight robbery, the 40 richest French companies made 76 billion euros of profits last year!

Those rich parasites are not the living forces of this country, only the workers produce wealth!

It is essential that workers make their demands heard in these elections so that they can be imposed tomorrow by their collective struggles.

To put an end to the scourge of unemployment, it is necessary to share out work among all wage-earners, without any loss of wages.

Layoffs and job cuts should be banned.

It is up to the capitalists to pay for their crisis.

Wages and pensions must be increased by 300 euros and indexed to the real increase in prices.

No one should earn less than 1800 euros net.

Business secrecy must be removed so that workers can control the accounts of companies. It is not acceptable for a firm to close a plant, ruin a region or poison a population, just to preserve the shareholders’ dividends.

Public money must go to public services: hospitals, education, transport, housing – not to big business.

As Lutte Ouvrière’s candidate in this election I am pursuing the struggle that Arlette Laguiller has always led on the side of the workers. Together, let us make the workers' voice heard!