Let's make March 26th a success and prepare for the next step!

Workers' Fight workplace bulletin editorials
21 March 2011

The London TUC march, on March 26th, will be the first national protest against the attacks of the bosses and their politicians since the crisis began. It will be the first chance for us to voice our anger against those who have been turning the screw against our jobs, living and working conditions - and are hell-bent on doing more of the same.

For this reason alone, it is vital that we should made the best of this opportunity, to make our voice heard, as loud and clear as we possibly can.

Against their war on the poor!

But, with a military aggression now launched against Libya, backed by all the main parties, this march will take on a particular significance.

Yes, the same politicians who tell us that there is no money for pensions or public services, are now throwing billions at yet another war against the poor - for the sole purpose of shoring up the world's domination by the rich countries. For the all-party coalition which supports this war, no expenditure is "unaffordable" when it comes to promoting the interests of British capital! And never mind if this can only result in the destruction of what little infrastructure there is in Libya, and possibly in a bloodbath for the population!

Of course, Cameron claims hypocritically to be driven by his concern to defend the Libyan population against Gadaffi's brutality. But wasn't Gadaffi still a valued trade partner of British business just a few months ago, even though his jails were already full?

The aim of the rich countries in Libya is no more to defend the population than it was in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is to protect a world "order" serving the interests of big western companies - like BP and Shell, among others. They may well have the "legal" backing of the UN Security Council, but the UN is just one of their instruments. Is it a coincidence if it has no plan to help the population slaughtered by the pro-US monarchy of Bahrain, for instance?

In fact, the rich countries were caught unawares by the protests in the Middle East. Long-serving dictators, all "friends" of the West had to resign. So far they have been replaced with interim regimes run by western-friendly generals. But for how long? After all, the region's poor masses may now feel that the time has come to free themselves of the stranglehold of western big business!

These are the fears of the Camerons, the Sarkozys and the Obamas of this world. And they have chosen to target Libya to show to the region's population that the colossal military might of the world's richest capitalist classes is watching them, ready to intervene in case their interests are threatened by protesters.

March 26th must be a beginning

So we should use the opportunity of the TUC national protest to express what we really think about this profit-driven system and its politicians.

Fighting the hypocrisy of the present aggression against Libya is part and parcel of the fight against the bosses' attempts at making the working class here foot the bill for their crisis.

Fighting the parasitism of British capital on the poor masses of the Middle East, is part and parcel of fighting its parasitism on public funds here - which is the only reason for the cuts threatening our pensions, jobs and services.

On March 26th, we should show that we have had enough of this bankrupt system and its parasitism on society.

We should use this opportunity to denounce the hypocrisy of the present aggression on Libya for the benefit of British big business: Hands off Libya! All western troops out of the region, now!

And we should use this opportunity to join ranks with all other sections of workers, from all industries, public and private, because we all have a common interest in making sure that the capitalists pay for their own crisis, to the very last penny and that they stop imposing their diktats, not only here, but across the world.

March 26th will be an opportunity for us to display and measure our collective strength. But, of course, if the bosses and their politicians are to be stopped in their tracks, if the ground already lost is to be regained, this protest will have to be followed by a much wider mobilisation across the country, in as many towns and workplaces as possible.

March 26th will be an important step for all of us and it must be a success. But let's make sure as well that it is the beginning of a rising tide of protests, strong enough to make the capitalist class fear for its profits - because fear is the only language they ever understand!